Jack Hungelmann CPCU, CIC, ARe
Author of Insurance For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Insurance Skills

  • Significant expertise in every kind of personal and small-business insurance policy, as evidenced by authorship of the book Insurance for Dummies, now in its second edition.

  • Expertise about the claims process from one year as a claims adjuster and over 30 years as a claims advocate

  • Risk management skills from coaching individuals and small business owners on non-insurance solutions for over 20 years

  • Expertise in identifying and reducing risks in personal contracts (i.e. apartment leases, condominium association bylaws, watercraft and recreational vehicle rental contracts, wedding reception contracts, car rental contracts, moving and storage contracts, etc.)

  • Skills in auditing personal insurance programs, identifying gaps, recommending solutions to those gaps.

Educational Qualifications

  • B.A. from University of Minnesota

  • Over 2,000 hours of insurance education including:

    * Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation with over 25 years of annual updates of 20 hours or more

    * Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) designation (graduate level coursework in risk management and insurance)

    * Associate in Reinsurance (ARe) designation

    * Continuing Professional Development (CPD) award annually since its inception from CPCU Society recognizing meeting their standard for commitment to ongoing education

Teaching Experience

  • CPCU 2: Personal Lines Risk Management and Insurance

  • Personal Lines Risk Management on several occasions for the Society of CIC and also for continuing education for agents in Minnesota and Ohio

  • CPCU 5: Insurance Company Operations

  • “Risk Management for Small Business” to North Dakota CPA Society

  • “Managing Your Small Business Insurance Program” for Hennepin Technical College

  • “Avoiding the Pitfalls and Loopholes of Insurance” seminars for Edina, Minnesota, Community Education

  • “Choosing the Right Umbrella for Your Personal Lines Clients” for Illinois Agent & Broker Conference

Publishing Highlights

  • Insurance For Dummies, 2nd Edition, Wiley Publishing, published June of 2009, originally published in January 2001

  • Contributing author to Managing Your Money For Dummies, Wiley Publishing

  • “Newsletter,” a personally produced newsletter three times annually for clients and associates, advising them of new coverages, state law changes and recommendations on best strategies for handling unusual risks, since 1985

  • Has written a weekly advice column for – over 100 columns total – on every kind of insurance topic.

  • Articles written for International Risk Management Institute Website

  • “10 Steps to a Well-Designed HO 6 Policy,” November, 2017

  • “Insuring Liability Risks When Motor Homes or Trailers Are Used as a Secondary Residence,” June, 2012

  • “Comparing Auto-Owners Stand-Alone versus Fully Supported Personal Umbrella Policies,” March, 2012

  • “Personal Umbrella Insurance 101,” February, 2012

  • “Personal Risk Management: The Insurance Audit,” August, 2011

  • “Homecare Workers: Identifying and Managing Risks,” June, 2011

  • “Managing the Risks of Groundwater Damage,” May, 2011

  • “Comparing Stand-Alone Personal Umbrella Policies,” April 2011

  • “Collision Damage Waivers When Renting a Vehicle: To Buy or Not To Buy,” February, 2011

  • “'Showhomes' Solves the Coverage Problems of Home Vacancy,” June, 2010

  • “Insuring ‘Zipcars’,” April, 2010

  • “Reducing Umbrella Risks by Having One Agent,” March, 2010

  • “Personal Risk Management—An Alternative to Insurance as Usual,” January, 2010

  • “Creating a Personal Umbrella Coverage Checklist,” September, 2009

  • “Managing the Risks of a Vacant Home,” July, 2009

  • “Risk Management for Weddings,” August, 2008

  • “Choosing the Best Umbrella Policy: Case Study,” May, 2008

  • “Managing Personal Automobile Insurance Risks Following Death,” April, 2008

  • “Time To Standardize Personal Umbrella Insurance Policies,” February, 2008

  • “Risk Management: Protecting Assets When Home Ownership Is Transferred to a Trust,” December, 2007

  • “Insurance for the California Wildfires,” November, 2007

  • “Creating and Using a Personal Umbrella Comparison Form,” June, 2007

  • “Managing the Risks of a Household Move,” February, 2007

  • “Helping Clients Make Good Group Insurance Decisions,” September, 2005

  • “Personal Risk Management: Making a World of Difference at Claim Time,” June, 2005

  • “Plugging Liability Insurance Gaps with the Personal Umbrella Policy,” February, 2005

  • “Writing Your Own Newsletter,” November, 2004

  • “Managing the Nanny Risk,” April, 2004

  • “Personal Risk Management: An Overview,” March, 2004

  • Articles written for American Agent and Broker Magazine

  • “In Praise of Personal Umbrellas,” September, 2007

  • “Plugging Coverage Gaps for Owners of Small Businesses,” September, 2006

  • “Adapting the HO-6 To Cover Higher Association Deductibles,” September, 2003

  • “Coverage and Gaps for Boats in the Homeowner’s Policy,” March, 2002

  • “An Equitable Solution to the 'Matching Problem',” July, 2001

  • “Resolving Structural Matching Claim Disputes,” April, 2000

  • “Amending Coverage When Clients Transfer Property,” April, 2000

  • “Closing Coverage Gaps for Business Support Services,” January, 2000

  • “Helping Clients with Hail Damage Claims,” July, 1998

  • “Avoiding the Pitfalls of Scheduling Fine Art,” August, 1996

  • “It’s Time To Repeal Anti-Rebating Laws,” an editorial on why protectionist legislation requiring all agents be paid the same commission was hurting both the industry and the consumer, October, 1993

  • Articles written for Other Publications

  • “Umbrella Insurance: An Interview with Author and Insurance Expert Jack Hungelmann,” LoveToKnow Insurance, September, 2006

  • “What Young-Onset Parkinsonians and Caregivers Need to Know About Insurance and Insurance-Related Government Programs,” National Parkinson Foundation, May, 2005

  • “Finding and Hiring a Nanny,”, November, 2004

Selected Works

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Jack Hungelmann shares the umbrella checklist he uses to help clients identify liability exposures that may not be covered under primary policies but need to be covered under their umbrella policy.
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This is the third and final part of my series on comparing personal umbrella policies. The premise for all three articles is the importance to the personal risk management process of knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the umbrella policies you have access to.
Personal umbrella policies have been around for decades now—much like homeowners policies. But unlike homeowners policies, the insurance industry has failed to agree on standardized umbrella products so that agents and consumers alike know what they're buying.
This article contains the Umbrella Comparison Chart Jack Hungelmann created that he uses to compare personal umbrella policies in his agency.
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