Insurance For Dummies, 2nd Edition gets highest ***** rating from readers!!

***** This author actually makes insurance interesting!!!, April 9, 2001
Reviewer: A reader from Seattle, WA United States

I didn't think it was possible, but Jack Hungelmann made reading about insurance actually interesting. I cannot tell you how much money and time I have saved just by taking a few minutes here and there to look up specific topics in this book. It is really well-written, covers an incredible broad range of topics, and has a lot of funny and real-life stories which capture the topics. I will also continue to find it very helpful as a reference to refer to as new insurance issues come up. Trust me, this is the insurance book to buy and trust!

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Jack Hungelmann retired as an insurance agent on February 1, 2018, after 46 years. He continues to be available for insurance consulting.

Welcome to my website. My name is Jack Hungelmann. I am the author of the book Insurance For Dummies, 2nd Edition. Formerly, I was the proprietor of Jack Hungelmann Risk Management & Insurance, a unique independent insurance agency targeted specifically to those individuals and small business owners seeking and willing to pay for risk management expertise and services not available from the traditional insurance marketplace.

I created this website primarily for people who are considering my personal services to help them gain more information so they can determine if what I offer is what they are seeking.

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Selected Works

A comprehensive consumer guide to buying insurance right and avoiding coverage pitfalls. (Click on the title to find out more about what this book can teach you and to see some reader reviews.)
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Jack Hungelmann compares four stand-alone Umbrella policies against each other, including the Independent Insurance Agents Association's RLI program, in terms of how they cover liability gaps not otherwise covered by Auto or Homeowners insurance.
Jack Hungelmann explains why and how agents with expertise should become personal risk managers for their clients.
Jack Hungelmann shares the umbrella checklist he uses to help clients identify liability exposures that may not be covered under primary policies but need to be covered under their umbrella policy.
Includes a case study which evaluates coverage for vacant homes in a specialty market versus a surplus lines market.
This is the third and final part of my series on comparing personal umbrella policies. The premise for all three articles is the importance to the personal risk management process of knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the umbrella policies you have access to.
Personal umbrella policies have been around for decades now—much like homeowners policies. But unlike homeowners policies, the insurance industry has failed to agree on standardized umbrella products so that agents and consumers alike know what they're buying.
This article contains the Umbrella Comparison Chart Jack Hungelmann created that he uses to compare personal umbrella policies in his agency.
A well-chosen personal umbrella policy can plug many of the liability insurance gaps of an underlying insurance program. Twenty coverage gaps are illustrated.
Details the 16 added services clients receive from Jack Hungelmann as part of the annual risk management fee they pay
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Identifies the property and liability risks that face small business owners and Jack Hungelmann’s recommendation on how to protect themselves from each of them.
Protecting yourself if your condo association raises the master policy deductible to $25,000 and makes you responsible!
Using the Pair and Set clause to resolve claim disputes involving mismatched roofing and siding for homeowners
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Jack recently participated in a interview and took time to answer a few questions about umbrella insurance.
Insurance planning advice for those with any kind of chronic illness that makes them medically uninsurable in the open market
Co-authored by 2004 nanny of the year Michelle LaRowe. Practical advice for parents in identifying and managing the risks associated with hiring a nanny.